Earth Day – Make a difference!

Editor choice Earth Day – Make a difference!

Here are only few simplest and easiest way help you go green, protect the earth, save money and make every day Earth Day. Don’t wait start small today!

Glowing Complexion Lifestyle Tips

Barbara Bober

The following tips and best practices can keep your skin glowing and looking young, strong and healthy, and resisting disease and infection.

Beyond Organic Clothing


Organic clothing is just the beginning. You can expand your organic lifestyle to include the majority of the items in your home.

How To Gain Back & Maintain Youthful Skin

2B Lady - How To Gain Back & Maintain Youthful Skin photo by Barbara Bober

We all one day face that feeling of time passing too fast. It usually comes whеn we are savoring thе view оf thоѕе wrinkle-free beauties іn а magazine.  It іѕ thеn, thаt ...

How to Reduce Food Waste

How to Reduce Food Waste

No one likes to waste food. And yet we shamefully throw away tons of mouldy leftovers every week on rubbish collection day. It doesn't have to be this way, though. Here are some easy doable ways to ...

Understanding Your Carbon Footprint

Understanding Your Carbon Footprint 2B Lady ©Barbara Bober

When talking about living green or low impact living, you will often hear the term carbon footprint. But what is that and how do you know if you have lowered your carbon footprint by changing the way ...

Common Organic Clothing Materials

2B Lady Common_Organic_Clothing_Materials

Buying organic clothing can have a significant impact on your budget, your health and your environment. If you’re already consuming organic foods and cleaning your home with natural products, buying ...

10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Use of Plastics

Editor choice 10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Use of Plastics

It might seem like reducing plastics is impossible. It’s in everything around you. However, you’d be surprised the many simple ways that you can reduce your use of plastics. Here are some useful ways ...

The Ethical Reasons for Giving Up Dairy

Editor choice The Ethical Reasons for Giving Up Dairy

With so many good plant-based milks available, like almond, coconut, rice and soy, is it easy to switch and a smart choice to make both from the ethical and environmental aspects.

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