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[Review] Bamboo Paper Towels

New Bamboo Towel Paper - photo by Barbara Bober

It takes a little getting used to, but now my whole family is hooked on these bamboo paper towels. We use them for just about everything – they're great for mopping up spills and wiping down surfaces.

[Review] Mineral Eyeshadow Lavera

Eyeshadows - photo by Barbara Bober

If you're into makeup, you'll love the versatility of these mineral eyeshadows. They allow you to effortlessly create a wide range of looks, from a very subtle, everyday style to a captivating, ...

[Review] Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls - photo by Barbara Bober

These wool dryer balls have been nothing short of amazing in our household. We've really taken a liking to them. Not only do they simplify our laundry routine, but they also have some fantastic ...

[Review] Bamboo Makeup Brushes

Editor choice Bamboo Makeup brushes - photo by Barbara Bober

I've embarked on a mission to switch everything around me to eco-friendly, sustainable products, and my first step was to replace my regular brushes with these bamboo makeup brushes.

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12 Surprising Benefits of Organic Clothing


The benefits of buying organic clothing are far-reaching. You improve the lives and health of people all around the world. You help to change the economy to a more sustainable one. You also save ...

Glowing Complexion Lifestyle Tips

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The following tips and best practices can keep your skin glowing and looking young, strong and healthy, and resisting disease and infection.

Beyond Organic Clothing

Beyond Organic Clothing

Organic clothing is just the beginning. You can expand your organic lifestyle to include the majority of the items in your home.

5 Common Skin Types And How To Care For Each

5-Common-Skin-Types - photo by Barbara Bober

Research has determined that there are four broad skin types. While there are many factors relating to skin health that are common to all, there are also many aspects that are particular to the ...

Organic Clothing Worth Buying?

Editor choice Organic-Clothing-Worth-Buying

Organic clothing is now prevalent in the shopping industry and has become more affordable for everyone. Organic items have become increasingly available in recent years, with most coming from India.

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