Delivery & Returns  Marketplace is not responsible for any of the products, deliveries and dispatching with an exception for products sold by 2B Lady.

All orders are sent to you directly by the seller, in case of  any problems  with the delivery you should contact the seller(s) directly on our website. Once a seller has dispatched your product(s ),the seller will mark your order as shipped and you will receive an email confirmation with an expected delivery date.

Please note that products you purchased  may be dispatched in more than one package, and will not necessarily arrive at the same time because if your purchase is from different seller(s).  Every seller(s) will send you their products with their own delivery times.

If you want more information about delivery for product(s) that you’ve already ordered, please contact  the seller(s) directly. You can do this by using the contact  form under the seller profile on our website.

If you would like to return an item, you should contact the Seller(s) directly on our website using the ‘contact seller’ button that can be found on their profile. The Seller(s) will tell you how and where to return the item. If is possible send signed package with  proof of delivery and keep a receipt for any product you send back, as the return of the item is your responsibility.

Any complaints and/or questions with respect to a sale transaction should be directed by you to the Seller(s).

In the event of a refund from the Seller(s), the amount will be refunded in accordance with the payment methods used to complete the purchase. In our case the method of payment used is through PayPal and Stripe.

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