Beyond Organic Clothing

 Organic clothing is just the beginning. You can expand your organic lifestyle to include the majority of the items in your home. 

Baby Products

You already know that a baby’s system is sensitive. This means they’re vulnerable to the toxins in their environment. Their skin can have reactions to non-organic clothing and detergents. Their little lungs and organs can be vulnerable to the chemicals used to create non-organic fabrics.

Organic clothing makes sense and the organic baby clothing industry is huge. Most parents want the best for their children. That means an increasing demand for organic baby clothes. However, what about organic bedding? Babies and children spend a significant part of their day sleeping. Their bedding should be organic too.

Beyond Bedding

Much of a baby’s bedroom can be organic too. The flooring can be made from bamboo with a natural fibre carpet. Their furniture can be manufactured from a sustainable product. 

When choosing items for a baby’s or child’s room consider emissions produced from the manufacturing process. For example, a synthetic carpet can produce off gasses. Additionally, the adhesive from the glue used to bind the carpet can also produce fumes. Babies are particularly sensitive, organic products help protect their health.

Home Goods

You might be surprised how many home goods can be made from sustainable, renewable and organic fabrics. 

* Pillows

* Sheets/Blankets/Bedding

* Rugs

* Carpet

* Shower curtains

* Flooring – cork, bamboo

* Upholstery

* Table cloths/placemats

* Kitchenware – bamboo bowls

* Curtains/window treatments

* Candles

* Screens/room dividers

* Baskets

* Outdoor mats

* Towels

You can essentially fill your home with organic products. The next time you’re buying a product for your home, your child, you or a loved one consider buying organic. Just like buying organic clothing, look for certification on the label. Read what the product is made of and make an informed decision

As you can see, organic clothing is just the beginning. As more and more people demand organic fabrics and renewable materials the market will respond. A simple change in how you buy products can have a lasting change on the economy and the planet.

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