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Ethical & Environmental Policy

Ethical & Environmental Policy

2B Lady


Team at 2BLady are dedicated to operating under ethical and envi­ron­men­tally friendly practices during our production and selling processes. We're working hard to continue refining these processes because we want to make a world a better place for everyone and by providing the best organic and eco friendly products, excellent customer service, being fair and kind is part of it.

  • Our catalogue offers a wide variety of organic and fair wear accredited garments and sustainable, eco products.

  • Plastic free packaging: It was extremely important for us to ship our products without any plastic as plastic shipping bags can't be recycled. We ship all of products 100% plastic free in recyclable, compostable and degradable boxes or paper mail bags.

  • All the excess and waste cardboard and paper we produce is recycled.
  • The gift wrapping cellophane is made of compostable & biodegradable corn starch.

  • All products are produced responsibly and ethically.

  • To avoid wastage, we use a print on demand system. This means that every item it printed to order, and created personally for our customer! This does mean it will take a bit longer for you to receive the items in comparison to fast fashion brands, but our products are usually dispatched between 3-5 working days.

  • Printing is done here in the UK. DTG printers use only water-based inks. They're OEKO-TEX® approved, which means they don't contain any chemicals that are harmful to the environment. 

    We're very open about our commitment to this ethics and envi­ron­mental policy. If you'd like to talk to us about anything, or you have some suggestions on how we can do more, you can catch us on messenger. Alter­natively, send us an email.
    We're all working towards a more ethical and sustainable world. As a company, 2B Lady is committed to making sure that everything we do is carried out ethically and we expect no less from our suppliers.­ 
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