How to Boost Your Skin Health with Exercise

Anytime you sweat, you remove unneeded and unhealthy poisons, toxins and chemicals from your body. This is the principle way exercise can lead to healthy skin. Remember that you don't have to fear exercise. It isn't necessary to join an expensive gym or be intimidated by incredibly well-developed ...

10 Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt

When we view healthy eating habits as a choice and not something that has been forced upon us, we have the power to incorporate those healthy eating habits into the next year. With power and freedom to choose, healthy eating habits can simply be our everyday eating habits and not something we will ...

The Ethical Reasons for Giving Up Dairy

With so many good plant-based milks available, like almond, coconut, rice and soy, is it easy to switch and a smart choice to make both from the ethical and environmental aspects.

Superfoods That Slow Down Aging Process

Eating superfoods is a key to slow down and reverse the aging process. The superfoods are the foods that have balanced ingredients. These foods provide the body with enough proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and other components that prove helpful in strengthening the cells in the body.

How Plastic Impacts Your Life & The Environment Around Us

If you stop to take a look around you right now, there’s a very good chance you’ll find more than a dozen items made from plastic. If you’re reading on your computer then your hands are more likely on plastic. Pens, water bottles, mobile cases, bags, and even clothing are all made from plastic.

Plant-Based Diet – 30 Days Challenge for Beginners

A plant-based diet focuses on vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds. And  there are so many different foods to choose from. You’re going to be amazed at the variety. Many people feel like a plant-based diet is going to be restrictive. The opposite is true. When you come around to eating foods ...

Chemicals That May Pose Health Risks

Unless you are eating and drinking completely naturally and organically, you are probably putting something in your body that can cause an imbalance in your body hormones. This is especially true of women because there are a lot of products and foods out there that can lead to estrogen mimickers ...

The Importance of the B12 vitamin

B12 vitamin is one of the B vitamins that are essential to maintain a healthy body. Otherwise known as Cobalamin, the  B12 vitamin is needed for the processes to convert the carbohydrates, fats and proteins from food into energy. 

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