What’s New in Anti Aging Research?

There have been multiple studies done over the years in the area of anti-aging. Many studies are still ongoing and there is new research continually being conducted as researchers try to figure out ways to keep the human body healthy longer and reverse the aging process.

From what researchers currently understand about aging, many of the effects are caused because the cells within the body begin to break down over time. So the older you get, the older you look and feel.

Though your cells do regenerate, they don’t regenerate rapidly enough to prevent the effects of aging. The mitochondria within your body are inside the cells that give you energy.

They’re the energy warehouses within you and it’s their job to keep up the demand for energy with the supply. Their big job is just keeping up with your activity level as well as the demands to keep your body’s organs functioning.

But what happens is that as you grow older is these cells and the mitochondria get out of touch because the cell’s center breaks down. This breakdown is what researchers have been able to trace back as the cause of aging.

It prohibits the mitochondria and the cells from working together in tandem. This erosion or decline in the cell function is what can also lead to certain diseases like Type 2 diabetes.

It can also make your body a fertile ground for developing cancer or dementia. Cells are supposed to divide and die off. When they don’t, they become what’s called senescent cells.

These cells can cause health problems – including aging. Your body was born with the ability to shed these cells through the immune system and other means. However, as you start getting older, your immune system can slow or break down.

Then you start to struggle to keep up with getting rid of these cells. New research has been done in the creation of a compound that can destroy these senescent cells.

The study was performed on mice. When the mice were given the compound, the cells responsible for aging were destroyed. As a result, the mice that were treated with the compound showed vast improvement in their body’s ability to function.

They also showed improvement in age related health conditions versus the mice that didn’t receive this treatment. The result of this study with mice had an age reversal effect – not only in the activity level and muscle strength of the mice – but in their immune systems as well.

This anti-aging study was done by scientists in Australia as well as in the United States. The next step in the study is to involve humans in trials with the anti-aging compound used in the mice.

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