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Hi my name is Barbara and I’m the founder of 2BLady  Organic Marketplace and a digital marketing specialist by profession who  is very interested in organic life and products.  For few years in my adult life,  I struggled with allergies to the popular brand products. After a lot of investigation what caused them, I worked out that using and eating natural and organic products significantly improve the skin condition, no problems with allergies and also feel much better. However,  there is no easy way  to source great organic products on the web and I wasted a lot of time to go to each website to buy products and test them.  I also was contacted by small companies that produce organic products to help them with advertising and promotion .

To connect these two I decide to create a marketplace for organic products  to make easier for everyone to buy  and sell natural and organic products.  With help of my professional experience in social media  and advertising I want to create community  of people who  are interested in organic world, to make possible connection between them, to create social organic marketplace where people sell, buy, give advice and share their experience with pursuing their organic life.

I would like to give a chance for small businesses on small marketing budget to sell their products.  Join the community!

2B Lady
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